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Asian Wedding Lights


Nowadays it’s hard to imagine a wedding without the wedding lights. Our lights can transform a boring or unoriginal decor into something truly stunning and memorable for all of your guests. 
With our lights, your wedding will transform into a spectacular event that is worthy of your special day . Our range of wedding lights is extensive and hand picked by us . Here at urban lights we pride ourselves on our extensive range of stunning wedding lights .
Have a look at some of the pictures of the lights below and call us on 07806713381 to obtain a quote or Whatsapp us for more pictures . 
Our wedding house lights come in a range of colours white, blue, pink, purple, gold, green with 20 percent white flashing or multi-coloured .
Make your house the showcase house on the street with our super wedding house lights, You will really have to go far to find a better product on the market.
Urban wedding lights can make any wedding great. We have a multitudes of light that will fit any theme or wedding event. We actually enjoy events that require a special requirement. If you have a unique event, call us, and we can discuss options. We will make sure your event is special. We can even manufacture items specifically for your event! 
In addition to providing the lights for your wedding event, we also install and remove them. Both processes are very simple and will be done quickly and professionally.
All of our lights are great quality. Other companies provide cheap lights that don’t live up to our high quality standards. In addition, our lights are very durable. You won’t have problems with any of the bulbs breaking. 
Our workers work hard to ensure that the installation and removal process goes smoothly. They are also very friendly and go the extra mile to ensure that all of our clients are happy and recommend us to their friends. 
Safety and security are our major concerns and we don’t compromise on that. We discuss the details of our preferences with you much before we start working on the project. We also employ the best professionals who can put the best lighting on the way or path. 

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