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Terms and Conditions


  • We will try & install lights on or before the agreed date. Heavy rain or bad weather can delay the installation of lights.

  • We will not work on rainy or windy days/times. This may delay the installation by a day or so, unfortunately refunds or discounts cannot be offered due to this.

  • We charge minimum of £100 call out charge if the lights stop working due to costumers fault (either by damaging the lights or the main electric plug)

  • Once we tested the lights its costumers responsibility to make sure lights dont get damaged, each damaged string is £30 which will be paid by the costumers. 

  • We will try our best to reach all areas of the house, however, sometimes this is not always possible if a large porch/obstruction sticks out- we may not be able to put up lights above that if access is difficult/limited.

  • If installation of lights requires climbing on Flat roofs, or tiled roofs/surfaces, this will only be carried out at the request of the customer. Sometimes old or uneven tiles may get damaged. We will not be able to repair or replace tiles. This is to be arranged by the customer, at their own expense.

  • We use cable ties or nails to fix the lights and when we take the nails out there can be small marks or holes, we wont be responsible for that.

  • We can only go upto 6 metre  in height from the ground.

  • Please ensure we have sufficient ground clearance in the front garden as to place our ladder to safely install & remove lights. At least 2m clearance from the wall is required to safely place the ladder. 

  • We need the driveway clear of cars or any other obstacles, failure to do so will lead to £50 to £100 extra charges or your job might get cancelled and no deposit will be refunded. 

  • The lights are usually hung from the gutter or facia board.For lights to work we need electric supply from the inside window due to which your window has to open a little.

  • Once the deposit is paid its NON REFUNDABLE, this will be taken off from the full payment agreed.

  • Remaining balance payment has to be made a week before the job by bank transfer or cash payment on the day of installation.

  • During busy periods lights can be done 2-3 days before the actual date for no extra charge.

  • During busy periods lights can be removed 2-3 days after the actual date for no extra charge.

  • Lights are done from top gutter to the floor upto 6 metre height and we do not cover the apex(triangle).

  • Time of arrival to the job is an estimate time due to traffic or any other incidents.

  • In order to get the half price offer both houses has to be in the same town and the dates should be same.

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